Cosmic Mantra [Reincarnated]

by The Bhaktas

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Cosmic Girl
Cosmic Girl thumbnail
Cosmic Girl Ok guys.... This is another level of music!!!!!! I simply cannot believe the depth of this ambient/Mantra mix creation. Thank you for creating such an AMAZING MANTRA album. I've been waiting for something like that forever. I love the real Psychill deep & clean sounds in it, and how subtle the Mantra flows beneath it.
I love every single track on this album. I can listen to this album forever. It calms my mind and helps me meditate. Thank you from all my heart for that.... Favorite track: Guru Puja (Featuring Jai Uttal).
Mantra Mania
Mantra Mania thumbnail
Mantra Mania I have traveled to the deepest darkest zones of my mind and as I stood there screaming for a sign of light I found you.
For that I thank you, for unlocking my creative door. You have inspired me not to fear the dark with in me but to release it and allow my light to shine. Favorite track: Guru Puja (Featuring Jai Uttal).
Merik thumbnail
Merik Thanks for this delightful moment, I'm glad to support artist doing meaningfull sweet music! Listen and relax Favorite track: Guru Puja feat. Jai Uttal (Zen Baboon Remix).
Luca Signorelli
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Luca Signorelli I love the musical project The Bhaktas
They manage to put all their devotion with lyrics and arrangements that reach the center of the soul.
Thoughts and actions sublimated in music, a real pleasure to listen
I look forward to meeting these wonderful people live, in the meantime I enjoy the entire collection of their musical work! Favorite track: Clarion Call (Featuring Rajat Prasanna).
kaspar008 thumbnail
kaspar008 Strangely fascinating, I keep coming back and back to it... Favorite track: Pitr Purusebhyo Namah [Reincarnated].


We offer this Album at the Lotus Feet of our beloved Master
Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji

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The Bhaktas is a Spiritual musical project focusing on a place where electronic music and Mantra meet. Blending traditional Indian chants and Bhajans with a contemporary style, they are opening a new way of artful cosmic meditation through the power of electronic music.
Their sanskrit powered, electro-infused sound is inspired by the yogic teachings of Ananda Marga and their goal is to spread love and devotion all around the world! The Bhaktas follow the Yogic teachings of Ananda Marga. Let there be LOVE & DEVOTION all around!

The Musicians on this album are PHANENDRA (composition, sound design & back vocals), & SHAKTI (vocals, Flute, & composition).
Guest Musicians: Krishna Das, Jai Uttal, Lama Gelek, Sunil, Anita Mishra, Amala & Namrata Pamnani (Vocals), Rajat Prasanna (Bansuri Flute).
This album is mastered by Vincent Villuis (Aes Dana) @ Ultimae Records.
Cover Art by ATERIS

“This album promises to become a classic in the meditative Ethno Chill genre featuring superb vocals by Shakti and Mantra Masters Krishna Das &Jai Uttal.
It was a real pleasure to master these songs.”
Vincent Villuis (Aes Dana) @ Ultimae Records

"I think that Cosmic Mantra [Reincarnated] is great. Usually I find that I'm not moved by electronica style Kirtan, but their music is really wonderful, deep and soulful. Keep it up.
Love and peace,"
Jai Uttal

"I think this Album is super cool and, I am enjoying the music a lot...
Much Love"
Krishna Das


released June 2, 2015

Baba Nam Kevalam
Baba means "my most beloved One", Nam means "name of" or "to identify with", and Kevalam means "only". So the meaning of the mantra is "My most Beloved is the only One." The ideation is: "Everywhere I look, in everything I hear, feel, see, taste and smell, I perceive that one Supreme Consciousness which pervades all things."

Kiirtan is the singing of a mantra aloud while ideating on the Supreme Being. It inculcates the feeling of bliss and prepares the mind for meditation, because in performing it all the motor and sensory organs are engaged and directed towards the Supreme. It can be done anywhere, any time, but the best time is just before meditation.
Chanting the mantra out loud before meditation is called "kiirtan." It is extremely beneficial and makes meditation much easier. Its a sort of a halfway step. The mind stays focused only on the mantra, but all the senses are not focused inwardly--we are still singing and listening. It helps slow breathing (through singing), helps fix the mantra in the mind, and on a subtler level, raises the vibration in the room.

If you are inspired with this Album and you would like to learn more about Kiirtan and meditation, please contact this website:

To know more about Ananda Marga's spiritual master, read the biography book 'Shrii Shrii Anandamurti- The Jamalpur years written by Devashish.




The Bhaktas Berlin, Germany

The Bhaktas are playing traditional indian mantra bhajans and chants in a contemporary electronic style.
Their concerts are pure joy and ecstasy and unite the heart and soul. The Bhaktas play a multidimensional music, mixing ancient Sanskrit-Mantras with Electro, Ambient, and Trance. Their live performances are filled with magic and play. The Bhaktas follow the Yogic teachings of Ananda Marga. ... more

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Track Name: Hare Krishna (Featuring Krishna Das & Jai Uttal)
Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna
Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare
Hare Rama, Hare Rama
Rama Rama, Hare Hare
Track Name: Gayatri Mantra [Reincarnated]
"Onm' bhu'r bhuvah svah
tat saviturvaren'yam'
Bhargo devasya dhiimahi
Dhiyo yo nah pracodaya't

"The proper spirit of this Mantra should be to request the Supreme Self to guide the mind to the path of bliss. It should be properly guided. When the thoughts are purified, everything is purified. So one may ask only one thing. That is, 'O Lord, remove my mental impurities and justify my psychic base'. Guide my mind, guide my thoughts towards bliss. O Lord, guide my intellect, goad my intellect unto the path of bliss, so that I may do something beneficial in this universe."
Shrii Shrii Anandamurti
Track Name: Cosmic Mantra [Reincarnated]
Baba Nam Kevalam
Track Name: Samgachadvam [Reincarnated]
Let us move together, let us radiate the same thought wave
Let us come to know our minds together
Like sages of the past
So that all may enjoy the universe
let our aspirations be united
Let our hearts be inseparable
Let our minds be as one mind
So that we live in harmony, and become one with the SUPREME ...
Sam'gacchadvam' Sam'vadadhvam'
Sam'vomana'm'si ja'natam
Deva'bha'gam' ya'tha'purve
Sam'jana'na' upa'sate
Sama'nii va' a'kuti
Sama'na' hrdaya'ni vaha
Sama'nam astu vo mano
Yatha' vaha su saha' sati
Track Name: il Fiume [Reincarnated]
Baba Nam Kevalam
Track Name: Pitr Purusebhyo Namah [Reincarnated]
Pitr purusebhyo namah rsi devebhyo namah.
Brahma'rpanam' Brahmahavir Brahma'gnao Brahman'a'hutam.
Brahmaeva tena gantavyam' Brahmakarma sama'dhina'.*

*Meaning of the mantra: Salutations to the ancestors, salutations to the god-like rs'is. (Those who, by inventing new things, have broadened the path of progress of human society, are known as rs'is.)

The act of offering is Brahma; that which is offered is Brahma; the One to whom the offering is made is Brahma; and the person making the offering is Brahma.

One will merge in Brahma after completing the duty assigned to him/her by Brahma.

Repeat the mantra together with the mudra' three times.

Remembering the rs'is and ancestors in this way is known as Pitr Yajina. Pitr Yajina should be performed as a daily duty even if one's father is alive.
Track Name: Clarion Call (Featuring Rajat Prasanna)
Baba Nam Kevalam
Track Name: Guru Puja (Featuring Jai Uttal)
Guru Puja

Akhan'd'a Mand'ala Karam'
The undivided elliptical expression of the Cosmic Entity

Vyaptam' Yena Caracaram'
That is all pervasive in nature, throughout the animate and inanimate universe

Tatpadam' Darshitam' Yena
At the sight of your lotus feet

Tasmae Shrii Gurave Namah
I surrender myself at your altar

Ajinana Timirandhasya
The guru dispels the ignorance of the darkness

Jinanainjana Shalakaya
by applying the ointment of knowledge

Caks'urun Miilitam' Yena
that opens my blind eyes

Tasmae Shrii Gurave Namah
I surrender myself at your altar

Gurur Brahma Gurur Vis'n'u
The guru is creator, the guru is preserver

Gurur Devo Maheshvarah
Guru withdraws everything towards Him

Gurureva Paramah Brahma
Supreme consiousness is my Guru

Tasmae Shrii Gurave Namah
I salute You and surrender myself at your altar

Tava Dravyam' Jagatguru
Everything of mine, along with my mind, is offered at your altar
Tubhyameva Samarpaye
Please oblige me and accept it

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