New Dawn

by The Bhaktas

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Cosmic Girl
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Cosmic Girl I really get a big surprise everytime I listen to a new album by The Bhaktas, and see how different it is from the previous ones, and yet how well produced and powerful it is. I love all the songs on this album and I can listen to it, Meditate on it and dance on it non stop. Best Mantra vibes ever.... Favorite track: Kundalini Kirtan.
Mantra Mania
Mantra Mania thumbnail
Mantra Mania This is taking me into another Dreamy Mantra Level, with all these varieties of vocals and divine Indian flutes. Thank you THE BHAKTAS. Keep going. May the MANTRA be with YOU :) Favorite track: Jaya Jagatambe.
Luca Signorelli
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Luca Signorelli Your music is truly inspiring, deeply touched my soul Favorite track: Kundalini Kirtan.
Hari Krishna, Hari Krishna Krishna Krishna, Hari Hari Hari Rama, Hari Rama Rama Rama, Hari Hari
You gave me heart so I can love you I feel your grace everywhere You gave me mind so I can think of you My mind is getting lost in your divine Your charming smile is always with me I feel your love everywhere And in this love, I meditate on you My mind is getting lost in your divine And I surrender all my life to you Please guide me through the darkness to your light And let me be your tool and spread your love Oh Baba, I feel you're always next to my side You gave me voice so I can praise you I'm calling you from all my heart And through this song I'm coming close to you My mind is getting lost in your divine There is no place where I cant find you There is no thought which you don't think You are so close to me than anything You filled my mind with beauty and divine
Sita Ram 05:50
Our Kirtan 08:08
Govinda 07:45
Adi Shakti 07:32


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We offer this Album at the Lotus Feet of our beloved Master
Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji
The Bhaktas is a Spiritual musical project focusing on a place where electronic music and Mantra meet. Blending traditional Indian chants and Bhajans with a contemporary style, they are opening a new way of artful cosmic meditation through the power of electronic music.
Their sanskrit powered, electro-infused sound is inspired by the yogic teachings of Ananda Marga and their goal is to spread love and devotion all around the world! The Bhaktas follow the Yogic teachings of Ananda Marga. Let there be LOVE & DEVOTION all around!

The Musicians on this album are PHANENDRA (composition, sound design & back vocals), & SHAKTI (vocals & composition), Prem Sena & Namrata Pamnani (Indian Vocals), Rajat Prasanna (Bansuri Flute), Mariposa (Electric Cello). Many thanks to Da Saz (Analog Synth, Saz,& other technical help)
This album is mastered by Vincent Villuis (Aes Dana) @ Ultimae Records.


released June 20, 2014

Baba Nam Kevalam
Baba means "my most beloved One", Nam means "name of" or "to identify with", and Kevalam means "only". So the meaning of the mantra is "My most Beloved is the only One." The ideation is: "Everywhere I look, in everything I hear, feel, see, taste and smell, I perceive that one Supreme Consciousness which pervades all things."

Kiirtan is the singing of a mantra aloud while ideating on the Supreme Being. It inculcates the feeling of bliss and prepares the mind for meditation, because in performing it all the motor and sensory organs are engaged and directed towards the Supreme. It can be done anywhere, any time, but the best time is just before meditation.
Chanting the mantra out loud before meditation is called "kiirtan." It is extremely beneficial and makes meditation much easier. Its a sort of a halfway step. The mind stays focused only on the mantra, but all the senses are not focused inwardly--we are still singing and listening. It helps slow breathing (through singing), helps fix the mantra in the mind, and on a subtler level, raises the vibration in the room.

If you are inspired with this Album and you would like to learn more about Kiirtan and meditation, please contact this website:

To know more about Ananda Marga's spiritual master, read the biography book 'Shrii Shrii Anandamurti- The Jamalpur years written by Devashish.




The Bhaktas Berlin, Germany

The Bhaktas are playing traditional indian mantra bhajans and chants in a contemporary electronic style.
Their concerts are pure joy and ecstasy and unite the heart and soul. The Bhaktas play a multidimensional music, mixing ancient Sanskrit-Mantras with Electro, Ambient, and Trance. Their live performances are filled with magic and play. The Bhaktas follow the Yogic teachings of Ananda Marga. ... more

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